Field Friendly

Managed fieldwork safety solutions

Eliminate paperwork
Save resources and time
Increase oversight
Monitor and report
Save time
Fully managed service
Reduce liability
Minimise your exposure
Protect your people
Keep your team safe


We help organisations manage fieldwork

No matter where your people go or what they do, we provide flexible, managed software solutions to get your people out and back again safely. We work with you to deliver a service that captures your processes and conforms to industry best practice with minimum fuss and great ongoing support.

We're working with some of Australia and New Zealand's largest universities to help them meet their challenges of fieldwork risk, so why not drop us a line or request a demo and find out more.


Less stress and better organisation

It's all in the name. Field Friendly has been designed from the ground up to be user friendly. With a clean but powerful interface, and a support team dedicated to providing a stress-free user experience, we want to set your people up for success in the field.

Field Friendly keeps everything you need in the one place, with easy access and full audit trails. Take the frustration out of maintaining your records and never lose track of vital information again.

Support included, always

Effective systems need support and ongoing review. We don't drop a system on you to configure and turn our backs, we're with you every step of the way. We engage your stakeholders, configure our service and software to reflect your needs, and run ongoing reviews, support and updates.

The largest overlooked ongoing expense with a new system is lost time. We take on the burden of configuring and running the system, saving your people time and letting them get on with it.


Personnel & partners
Staff, students, contractors, volunteers and partner organisations
Vehicles, vessels, comms
Field sites
International and national sites
Sets of activities to be conducted
Identified hazards and risk assessments
Deployments for projects
Activities and activity roles
Tasks, including SWP's and SOP's, qualification requirements and more.
Field resources
Emergency services, hyperbaric chambers, accommodation
Emergency response
Check-in monitoring and escalation

See a demo

With a user experience unlike anything else on the market a demonstration is the only way to fully appreciate what Field Friendly has to offer. Our demonstration covers all standard Field Friendly workflows, from project planning, risk assessment and field site identification, to trip planning, deployment and WHS reporting. Of course, if you would prefer hands on time with Field Friendly we are just as happy to let you take the wheel and explore the service for yourself. You can find out what Field Friendly has to offer on a demo environment with our handy introductory guide.

All of our demonstrations within the Sydney area are at no cost and absolutely obligation free, so why not get in touch with us and see what we can offer.

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